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December 05, 2010


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Zach Cole

If anything I think this should only excite consumers about Foursquare even more. From the consumers' perspective, how cool is it to know that this large social platform is accessible? Foursquare might begin to see a rise in user-generated suggestions for its platform, and by crowd-sourcing such ideas, might actually find a few gems.

As for the competitive side of this, I think there is a risk of ideas being stolen, but as you noted we can see these ideas play out in a public forum and we all know who was first.

Great post, Mike!


I don't know... It's pretty hard for companies to prioritize their own ideas, let alone jump on a feature bandwagon that originates on a competitive site.

In general I think the potential upside of open innovation outweighs the potential downside, but YMMV.

Great post, and great blog. Just subscribed.

Mike Proulx

Thanks for subscribing Mike! I'm not quite sure where I fall on this one yet -- what I like to see is product development that demostrates actively listening to user feedback (like Boxee just did with its first firmware upgrade on the Boxee Box). As far as open and public conversations about key product strategy roadmap ideas...it's risky.

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